Micron Ventures

The Micron Ventures team identifies and directs Micron’s investments in technology-first startups, creating value from new compute architectures and applied AI and machine
learning solutions.

Portfolio Spotlight: Mythic

See how Mythic accelerates deep learning models, leveraging the power of analog in a digital world.

Let’s put AI to work.

AI is rapidly evolving, and so is Micron to meet the needs of our customers.

As a leading global semiconductor company working across industry verticals, Micron is uniquely positioned to accelerate portfolio companies into global markets through R&D support, productization, and collaborative market entry.

Portfolio Companies

Mythic Logo


Mythic is making it much easier and more affordable to deploy accurate, powerful AI everywhere. Learn more >
OmniTier logo


OmniTier provides memory-centric, high-performance AI computing solutions for the life sciences. Learn more >

SambaNova Systems

SambaNova Systems specializes in Data Center training, inference, and analytics to build technology that drives the next generation of AI computing.

Learn more >


ScaleFlux is pioneering the deployment of Computational Storage at scale. Learn more >

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